Single-DIN Radios with Screens: Combining Compactness and Features

Single-DIN Radios with Screens: Combining Compactness and Features

When it comes to new car stereo installations , double-DIN units have traditionally dominated the market, known for their larger form factor and built-in screens. However, those that don’t have the space for a double-din radio can look toward single-DIN radios with screens, offering a space-saving solution without compromising on functionality. Below, we will explore the world of single-DIN radios with screens, highlighting their benefits and showcasing a few notable models.

The Compact Advantage

Single-DIN car radios are smaller than double-DIN models, making them an ideal choice for vehicles with limited dashboard space. These compact units can seamlessly fit into various car models, including older vehicles where double-DIN installations may not be possible or require extensive modifications. With a single-DIN radio, you can enjoy modern features while preserving the original aesthetics of your vehicle’s dashboard.

The Emergence of Single-DIN Radios With Screens

While conventional single-DIN radios typically lack integrated screens, manufacturers have recognized the demand for display features in compact units. As a result, innovative solutions have emerged, allowing users to have screens in single-DIN setups. Two common types of single-DIN radios with screens are those equipped with fold-out screens and those with screens that extend from the dashboard.

  • Fold-Out Screens. Some single-DIN radios feature fold-out screens that remain hidden when not in use but can be easily deployed when needed. These screens provide a convenient and space-efficient solution, allowing you to enjoy multimedia features, view navigation maps, and control your audio settings. The fold-out design ensures that the screen does not compromise the unit’s overall size, neatly tucking away when unused, allowing you to access other buttons on your dashboard. Since the unit’s width still limits the screen it has to fold into, the screen size on these units will be comparable to the screens found on double-DIN units.
  • Extendable Screens. Other types of single-DIN radios with screens include those with extendable displays that extend from the unit itself. Since these screens don’t have to tuck back into the unit, they can be much larger than even the screens found on double-DIN units, which max out at around seven inches. On the other hand, the screens on these units can rea sizes of 10 inches, giving your apps and navigation even more real estate. The downside of these units is that the screen may make it hard to reach any buttons dashboard behind it. 

Notable Single-DIN Radios with Screens

Here are a few noteworthy examples of single-DIN car radios that incorporate screens:

Pioneer DMH-WT3800NEX

Pioneer ‘s DMH-WT3800NEX digital multimedia receiver is a feature-packed single-DIN radio with a 9-inch touchscreen. This receiver offers wired and wireless smartphone integration, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto . The receiver also supports screen mirroring for both devices, allowing you to access and control your favorite phone features directly from the touchscreen. With the Weblink and Vozsis apps installed, you can enjoy the convenience of Amazon Alexa voice control.

The unit is compatible with the SiriusXM satellite radio tuner, providing access to various music, news, sports, and podcasts. It supports multiple content options, including USB playback for high-resolution audio files like WAV and FLAC. The receiver includes a sensitive AM/FM tuner to catch all your local stations.

To enhance your audio experience, the DMH-WT3800NEX features a 13-band graphic equalizer and other sound tools, along with Pioneer’s Sound Retriever technology that improves the sound of compressed audio files. It also offers three preamp outputs for connecting external amplifiers and supports a 3-way system configuration for precise sound control.

The receiver includes two camera inputs, allowing you to install front-view and backup cameras for added safety when parking. The built-in parking guides on the touchscreen assist in maneuvering in tight spaces.

Alpine iLX-F509

The Alpine iLX-F509 digital media receiver is a versatile and customizable car stereo system. Its design comprises a 2″ tall chassis and a 9″ floating touchscreen display, allowing for flexible installation options and adjustable viewing angles. The high-resolution display ensures clear and focused visuals, whether you’re viewing album artwork or watching videos.

Despite not having a disc player, the iLX-F509 offers various media playback options. Dual rear USB inputs and an auxiliary input allow you to connect smartphones, thumb drives, and other audio sources. The rear HDMI connection lets you hook up optional CD/DVD or Blu-Ray players for extended car entertainment system choices. It offers various radio options, including HD Radio reception and compatibility with SiriusXM satellite radio.

The receiver includes camera inputs and a distance guidance display for added security, supporting Alpine’s advanced HD dash cam/rear-view cam combo and multi-view camera options. It also features wired and wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing seamless smartphone integration and hands-free operation through voice commands.

For audio enthusiasts, the iLX-F509 offers extensive sound tuning capabilities with basic and advanced EQ settings, 13-band parametric adjustments, time correction, and support for lossless FLAC files. Alpine’s commitment to high-quality audio components ensures a strong, clean, and noise-free signal.

Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX

The Pioneer AVH-3500NEX DVD receiver is a feature-packed touchscreen receiver that brings cutting-edge technology to your car. Its sleek design and seamless smartphone integration provide easy access to GPS , music, podcasts, contacts, and more. The motorized screen folds away when not in use, preserving the sleek appearance of your dash.

This Pioneer receiver caters to iPhone and Android users, offering compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving them the familiar phone interface straight on their radio. With WebLink compatibility, the unit can also display apps not supported by either CarPlay or Android Auto, such as Youtube. 

For streaming enthusiasts, the receiver allows control of Pandora and Spotify accounts, allowing you to manage your favorite music directly from the receiver. Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling and wireless music streaming. iPhone users can take advantage of Siri Eyes Free functionality for voice-controlled operations.

The AVH-3500NEX supports DVD playback and offers clear video quality when parked. It also supports rear-seat car TVs by sending video to a rear-seat screen, keeping passengers entertained. Additionally, the receiver is compatible with rear-view cameras and provides parking guidelines for added convenience.

Install Single-DIN Radios With Screens

Single-DIN radios with screens are a wonderful choice for those who want a double-DIN radio’s functionality without the available space. If you need some guidance on the best option for you, or you are looking for a professional radio installation , don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at ProCarSound&Security . We are the place to call if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to fit your car out with speakers , subs , and amps .

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