Finding Speakers
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Driving through the hectic streets of Boston can make anyone want to drown out the world in music. Unfortunately, many cars have sub-par speakers installed from the factory. This low-end sound denies you the opportunity to truly get lost in the music. As such, many drivers who are serious about their music choose to upgrade to higher-quality speakers for a car. 

Performing a car speaker installation on your own can be daunting, so let ProCarSound&Security do the hard work for you. 

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Choosing The Best Car Audio Speakers

When looking for the best car speakers, there are a few things that one will need to consider before committing to their upgrade. First and foremost, you must install matching sets of speakers of the same brand and model. Every model of car speaker will have nuances; if combined incorrectly, they might create a less enjoyable listening experience. 

With most basic car audio systems featuring two speakers in the front and two in the rear, a four-speaker upgrade is ideal. However, some may prioritize the front passengers and save money with a two-speaker setup. You might notice some oddities since your rear speakers won’t match, but it should be fine as the front speakers will be responsible for most of the sound towards the front occupants.

Below are some of the various specifications you should consider when choosing the speakers for your car.

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Size and Positioning

Different vehicles will have different layouts for their speakers. The most common setups involve just a full-range coaxial speaker in the door. An upgraded system places a woofer in the door and a tweeter to handle high-frequency sounds in the front pillars. Unless you plan extensive interior work, you will likely have to find replacement speakers that fit within the default manufacturer cutouts.

As with most things, speakers come in many shapes and sizes. The vast variables can overwhelm anyone trying to independently perform a car speaker installation. At ProCarSound&Security, we can take the guesswork out of speaker installation. Our team can give you a list of compatible speaker systems that will fit your interior. 

It is important to note that more prominent speakers are not always better, given the option. There are plenty of other factors at play that dictates the quality and volume of sound that a speaker produces.

When browsing for car speakers, you will come across the category of speakers known as coaxial, also known as full-range speakers. As the name implies, these speakers contain a woofer to handle low-end frequencies and a tweeter to handle high-end frequencies. More premium options can include additional drivers to handle reproducing frequencies that the woofer and tweeter can’t reproduce well on their own. 

These premium car speakers are known as 3-way or 4-way speakers. 

Regarding ease of car speaker installation, these are the easiest to install as most factory speakers are also coaxial speakers. This means that you will most likely be able to drop these aftermarket options in the same openings as your factory speakers.

However, if audio quality is your number one priority, a component speaker system may be right for you. This will, at a minimum, include a set of tweeters, woofers, and a crossover. The crossover is essential as it controls which frequencies get sent to which speaker. Since woofers are better at reproducing low-end frequencies, the crossover will only send the low-end frequencies to them. This tremendously improves the sound quality. Component speakers also allow for individual upgradeability or repair. If you want to upgrade your tweeters or one of them happens to go wrong, you don’t have to replace the woofers like you would with a coaxial speaker.

Coaxial or Component

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Sensitivity is also known as the efficiency of a speaker. The rating tells you how efficiently the speaker uses the power from the receiver. This spec is vital if you are sticking with the factory receiver, as most factory stereo receivers are not high-powered. It would be best if you got sensitive speakers, or your audio may be too quiet, even at maximum volume.

If you upgrade your car receiver, sensitive speakers won’t be as significant. However, there is typically no drawback in getting the most efficient car speakers that you can find.

This rating is presented in decibels (dB). Roughly every 3 dB difference represents a double in efficiency. So a speaker with a 90 dB rating will be twice as efficient as one with an 87 dB rating.

Another important specification is power handling, delivered through the root mean square (RMS) spec. While this tends to be more critical for figuring out if an amplifier will drive a car subwoofer, it is also essential in regular speakers. 

Not every speaker can handle the same amount of power. 

The RMS will tell you if your desired speaker will be compatible with your receiver. If your receiver is outputting more power than a speaker can handle, it will distort the sound and possibly damage the speakers in your car. As with sensitivity, if you keep the same receiver, speakers with a high RMS are unnecessary. However, if you plan to upgrade your receiver, you will need to make sure that the RMS of both the receiver and speakers are compatible. 

While an amplifier is most often used to drive subwoofers, it can also power your speakers. If your receiver is not powerful enough for your speakers and you would rather not upgrade it, an amplifier can help reach the necessary power requirements. You will need to make sure that your current receiver has the appropriate outputs to hook up an amplifier. If you plan on a subwoofer, you’ll need two separate amplifiers or a multi-channel amp that can handle your audio setup.

As professional car speaker installers, we can help with any questions you may have when figuring out compatibilities.


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ProCarSoundSecurity is the place to go if you need a car amp installation in Massachusetts. We can help determine what kind of amp is best for your system and perform all the necessary installation and wiring work to have your car’s audio sounding at its peak.

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