Upgrade Your Audio With A Car Subwoofer

It’s hard to ignore the booming bass that a high-quality subwoofer can deliver. At such low frequencies, one can hear the music and feel it as the vibrations reverberate through the surroundings. Since most vehicles won’t have a car radio capable of producing these low-end notes, upgrading your sound system with a new car subwoofer is a popular modification for Boston drivers.

ProCarSoundSecurity is a leader when it comes to audio installation, and in particular, car subwoofers. Our dedicated team can help you with questions regarding the best car subwoofer for you, amplifier compatibilities, or the best subwoofer installation area in your car.

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The Best Car Subwoofers

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say what is objectively the best car subwoofer. Everyone has different needs, budgets, and space. If you understand the specifications that car subs are advertised with, you’ll be able to determine your best options.

  • Power. A car subwoofer’s most visibly advertised specification will be its root mean square (RMS). RMS measures the continuous power the speaker can output and is very useful when comparing car subwoofers. This number is also to remember when checking if your amplifier is compatible.
  • Efficiency. Also known as a sub’s sensitivity, this measurement will be given in decibels (dB). It will let you know how efficiently your sub converts the power it receives. The higher the number, the more efficient the sub. For comparison purposes, a sub rated 3 dB higher than another will use only half the power for the same sound level.
  • Frequency Range. A typical subwoofer should be able to deliver a frequency range between 20 and 200 hertz (Hz).
  • Enclosure Type. Since a subwoofer needs to be housed in its sub-box, the type of housing plays a part in the sound delivery. Typically, a sealed container will deliver the best possible sound. However, results from most ported or bandpass boxes should also be good.

Are Bigger Cars Subs Better?

It’s easy to think that big sound needs to come from a prominent speaker. If you want the most bass and have no space restrictions, it’s best to go with the largest car sub. However, many other variables still play a part in how well a subwoofer works. 

If a bigger sub has a lower RMS, poorer efficiency, and a frequency range that doesn’t reach the outer limits, a smaller sub with better ratings will outperform it.

Powered Subwoofers For Cars

With the power requirements of a subwoofer being greater than what most car receivers can handle, it becomes necessary to add an amplifier to your car’s audio system. This component can increase the power of the signal the receiver sends so that the subwoofer can reproduce it at maximum volume. 

Making sure your subwoofer and amplifier are compatible can be one of the biggest pitfalls when developing the perfect car audio system. While we offer a car subwoofer and amp package, another option simplifies the process further.

Powered subwoofers get their name because they come with their own built-in amplifier. These car subs will arrive ready to go in a proper enclosure. The amplifier will have its ports and controls accessible from the outside. This is an excellent option for those that want a simplified car sub-installation process. Remember that you will have to accommodate the pre-built enclosure, and your upgrade options will be limited in the future as the amp and sub come as a package.

Local Car Subwoofer Installer

ProCarSound&Security is the place to be for car subwoofer installation in the Boston area. Our experienced technicians will work alongside you to find the perfect placement for your new car subwoofer. As professional car sub installers, we can have it hooked up to your audio system in no time. 

If you have any questions about what kind of subwoofer is right for you or want to schedule an installation, feel free to contact us, and one of our experienced team members will assist you.