Key Replacement

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Having a car key that no longer works is a stressful experience. If you are noticing issues with your current car keys or simply want to have a spare car key made, ProCarSound&Security can help you.

Types Of Car Keys

The process of producing a car key copy will be different depending on the kind of car key you have. Thankfully, our team can tackle any of the following car key replacements.

  • Mechanical Keys. This is the most basic form of a car key and has no added security features besides its key cut. It’s infrequent for new cars to still come with keys like this, but if your vehicle is older, it will be more likely to use a basic mechanically-cut key.
  • Transponder Keys. Transponder keys can look a lot like mechanical keys. However, within their base sits a small chip. When inserted into your ignition, the hidden chip sends an encrypted code to your car’s computer to let it know it’s compatible. If the code does not match, the vehicle will not start.
  • Laser Cut Keys. These types of keys will typically be used with other security features. Due to their more intricate keying, they will be thicker than standard mechanical keys and harder to replicate.
  • Flip Key. These types of car keys will usually have a laser-cut key pop out at the push of a button. The enclosure will also have several buttons to lock and unlock your car.
  • Smart Keys. Growing in popularity, these car keys unlock and start your car just by being in its proximity. These keys required special tools and expertise to duplicate correctly.

Car Key Programming

As time goes on, car security systems have become more advanced. At the turn of the century, you could make a replacement car key by simply having a new key cut. However, that’s not the case for many cars today. With each car key now containing microchips that interact with your vehicle, it’s essential that your automotive locksmith can perform modern-day car key programming.

When you start a modern car, the key will send an identifier code uniquely paired with the vehicle. The new replacement key will not start the car if the codes do not match. As such, your technician has to pair your key fob replacement with your vehicle via a complicated car key programming procedure. Each brand will have its own system and will require specialized tools.

Car Key Replacement In Boston

If you are looking for car key programming or a local automotive locksmith, the experienced team at ProCarSound&Security can help. Our facility has all the appropriate equipment to perform any car key replacement or repair.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a car key replacement, please get in touch with our helpful team for more information.