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While cars have undoubtedly become more advanced throughout the years, there is always room for improvement in the audio department. Unsurprisingly, delivering the best sound is not at the top of any automaker’s priority list. As such, many drivers seek aftermarket car stereo installations for an enhanced experience. 

Much goes into building the perfect sound system for your car and as  such, choosing experts to steer you in the right direction is essential. Boston drivers who value their audio experience choose ProCarSound&Security when upgrading their car’s audio system. Our audio specialists can help you with every step, providing recommendations regarding the best components for your system and expertly installing them in your vehicle.

Building The Best Sound System For Your Car

Your car’s stereo system is made up of a variety of different components that need to not only be compatible with one another but also need to be installed correctly. If even one part is of low quality or installed incorrectly, your car audio system will suffer and deliver subpar sound.

The perfect sound system is made up of a variety of parts. Below we detail some of the major components we install to create the best car sound system.

The receiver is the most visible part of anyone’s car sound system, serving as the centerpiece. With its various dials and knobs, the receiver allows you to interact with your car’s infotainment system . From basic music tuners to upgraded touch-screen interfaces, we can find and perform any car stereo installation. 

Many aftermarket options allow you to add to your car’s abilities. Newer units will have much larger screens embedded within your dash or left protruding to allow for more screen space. These more extensive interfaces and modern software allow car radio’s new features, such as navigation and rear backup cameras, to be accessible. 

Newer models also come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. 

These systems allow your receiver to display a familiar user interface and function closer to a modern infotainment system. 

In addition to the noticeable new features, different receivers will have varying quality of audio delivery. Not all receivers can output the same power to your speakers, so it is vital to keep that in mind when installing a receiver for your particular car speaker setup . 

Second only to the receiver, the speakers’ quality and how they are installed greatly affect how well the final car audio sounds.

Speakers work effortlessly. By converting the electrical energy from the receiver, they can vibrate a cone inside the speaker at different frequencies. These vibrating cones produce sound waves that we then hear. Different frequencies will produce different tones.

The general speakers used in most car stereo systems work best when producing sounds in the mid-range. As such, they do not reproduce the best quality sound if they are either too low and bassy or too high and tinny. Instead, these sounds are handled by different speakers, known as subwoofers and tweeters.

Those looking for a car stereo installation are most likely seeking a subwoofer upgrade. Responsible for producing the booming low-end bass enjoyed by many, the presence of a large subwoofer is easily felt.

These speakers can produce sound waves at a frequency lower than the human ear’s ability to hear. The soft sound waves will cause a vibration allowing one to quite literally feel their music, adding an extra dimension to their songs.

Subwoofers require extra care when installing as they are very power-hungry. 

While your receiver can provide power for regular speakers, it is unlikely that it will have the strength to drive a subwoofer. An amp will need to be installed to supply the subwoofer with the required power. Alternatively, powered subs, which come with built-in amplifiers, are available.

Due to its size,  subwoofer installation is typically limited to the trunk of your vehicle. While smaller subwoofers exist, they offer lower bass kicks. 

Tweeters may be less exciting than subwoofers, but they are critical in delivering a full-bodied sound. While the sub takes care of low-end frequencies, tweeters are responsible for reproducing high-end frequencies. They are typically smaller than regular speakers, allowing for greater flexibility in the installation locations.


Most receivers will not be able to deliver the power required to produce the deep bass notes from a subwoofer. While there are receivers that offer higher power outputs than usual, these will still not allow your subwoofer to perform at its fullest potential. 

The job of an amplifier is to amplify the power passed through it to meet the subwoofer’s power requirements. There is a lot of flexibility when installing a car amplifier . Its placement, the number of channels, and power output are all easily adaptable. 

The amplifier will typically be chosen after the subwoofer, ensuring it can meet its power requirements. 

If one opts for a powered subwoofer, this step of the car stereo installation process can be skipped. Since powered subwoofers come with built-in amplifiers, there is no need to install a second.

While amps are most typically associated with subwoofers, they can just as quickly be used to amplify the signal to your regular speakers. While you can have a separate amp dedicated to your subwoofer and another to your speakers, it’s possible to find amplifiers with enough channels to power your entire sound setup.

Sound deadening is an underrated component and one that might be skipped entirely by other car audio installers. While sound deadening is not an audio component in and of itself, it can very quickly elevate the auditory experience of standard car stereo systems. While modern vehicles come with some sound dampening, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Sound deadening will decrease the outside noise, allowing you to truly appreciate your music. The combination of keeping sound out while keeping your music in is a wonderful enhancement. Even when not listening to music, increased sound deadening will impact your morning commute by quieting the surrounding Boston traffic.

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