The Best Car Speaker Brands

The Best Car Speaker Brands

If you are planning a car stereo installation in the future, you may feel tempted to upgrade your original car speakers as well. A car’s sound system has many parts to it, and while changing just one component will have its benefits, performing a complete upgrade will definitely have you hearing your music like never before.

As with our lists of best car radios , there are many different options for your car’s speakers. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best car speaker brands that you should look towards for your next set of car speakers.


Kicker Audio appeared in Stillwater, Oklahoma, by two music enthusiasts who started working in a small garage. In 1973, the company introduced the Original KICKER, the first full-frequency-range speaker box designed for cars and trucks. Since then, Kicker has expanded to 1,200 dealers in the US and exported to over 50 countries.

The dedication and passion of Kicker’s team members have played a crucial role in the company’s growth and success. Their innovative products have addressed common car audio issues, earning the trust of audiophiles worldwide. Reknwoned for their power handling and cutting-edge technologies, Kicker’s speakers are popular among music lovers.

If you’re looking for a superior audio experience while driving, Kicker speakers could be the solution. With their high-end products, you can enjoy crystal-clear audio on your commute or road trips. It’s no wonder that Kicker is a top choice for many Boston drivers.

Boss Audio

In 1987, Sam Rabbani could not find a brand that offered high-quality, affordable car audio systems for his vehicle. Determined to solve this problem, he embarked on a mission to create car audio systems that sounded amazing without breaking the bank.

What makes Boss Audio one of the best car speaker brands is its collaboration with in-house engineers in design, acoustics, electronics, and mechanics to develop innovative ideas from scratch to production. This complete control over the manufacturing process has allowed the company to establish itself as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive options in the market.

If you’re looking for high-quality car speakers that won’t break the bank, Boss Audio Systems is the brand for you. Their products are of exceptional quality, making them the best option at their price point.

JL Audio

Formed in 1975, JL Audio started life out making speaker systems for homes. As in-car speaker systems gained traction, JL Audio was one of the first brands to embrace the new segment and began creating component speakers and subwoofers specifically for cars in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Using their expertise from their home speakers, JL Audio quickly became the go-to place for upgraded car speakers in the South Florida area, where they were based. Today JL Audio continues to be a leader in the space, particularly when it comes to its subwoofers, which the company has consistently upgraded throughout the decades.


A brand that needs no introduction for anyone that has so much as dipped their toes in the audio industry, Pioneer is one of the best car speaker brands in the world.

Founded in Japan in 1938 as a radio and speaker repair shop, the brand wouldn’t release its first speaker, the famous PE-8, until 1953.

Pioneer’s continuous innovation made it synonymous with state-of-the-art DJ equipment and Hi-Fi audio. The brand’s entry into the car audio market revolutionized the niche and set the benchmark for other brands to follow.

With expertise in developing stereos, power amps, and speakers, Pioneer is well-equipped to create the ultimate car audio combo and take your music to the next level while on the road.

Rockford Fosgate

The beginning of Rockford Fosgate began in 1973 when Jim Fosgate had an epiphany that the human ear didn’t have the same sonic properties as music. Especially at lower frequencies, the human ear would perceive sound differently.

Toying with different frequency responses, Fosgate would create the Frequency Energizer, which would later be known as the Punch EQ. This change in frequency response would result in Rockford Fosgate speakers making some of the most powerful and punchy speakers available. 

Couple this deep bass sound with robust speakers that can take the sonic pressure, and you have one of the best car speaker brands around for anyone interested in having the most oomph in their cars.


JBL is a legendary audio brand that has been in the industry for over 75 years. The brand’s roots date back to 1946, when James Bullough Lansing, the founder of JBL, set out to build high-quality sound equipment for the cinema industry. JBL’s early success in the cinema market laid the foundation for the company’s expansion into other markets, including home audio, professional audio, and car audio.

Over the years, JBL has been responsible for several groundbreaking innovations in the audio industry. For example, JBL introduced the first two-way studio monitor in 1949, revolutionizing how music was recorded and mixed. In 1969, JBL introduced the first high-frequency compression driver, allowing for more accurate high-frequency sound reproduction.

Today, JBL is recognized as one of the world’s leading audio brands. Choosing JBL as your car’s sound system means installing decades of sound knowledge from an industry leader to accompany you wherever you go. JBL’s car speakers are so exceptional that you will wonder why you didn’t install them earlier.

Install The Best Car Speaker Brands

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