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After spending countless hours driving, it only makes sense to want to make your car feel your own. It’s hard to visually decorate your interior, but there are many opportunities to improve the technological aspects. Whether upgrading your audio system or adding a new car entertainment system, there are plenty of avenues for customization. Moving forward with these kinds of upgrades can be daunting. Below, we’ve highlighted some essential things to consider when building your car’s entertainment system.  

What Makes A Good Entertainment System?

The components that make up the best car entertainment system are varied. When building an entertainment system, simply choosing high-quality components is not enough. It is also necessary to ensure that all your components are compatible. At ProCarSoundSecurity, we can help you build an optimized setup.

Building a Better Sound System

It’s hard to have a great entertainment system if the audio is lackluster. Your audio system is further split into multiple components, each playing its part. The stereo receiver can be considered the system’s brain and carries great importance. It allows you to interact with the system and is also in charge of output power and signal to your speakers. 

Speakers themselves hold many variations as well. A typical sound system will have at least two different types of speakers. Tweeters are responsible for reproducing the higher frequencies, while woofers take care of the middle to lower end of the frequency spectrum . Some might even add in a  car subwoofer that specializes in reproducing low-end bass notes. Adding a subwoofer is immediately felt by you and your passengers. 

Additionally, one can add a  car amplifier into the mix, driving more power to the speakers.  

An underrated addition to your sound system comes from sound deadening . Soundproofing your car not only shuts out outside noise but also seals in the soundwaves your speakers produce. This two-fold benefit can remarkably elevate your entertainment system. Even when you aren’t listening to music, you’ll feel the use of this upgrade, as the noise of Boston traffic won’t even reach your ears.

A big part of creating a cohesive sound system is managing power requirements. Any speaker in your car, aside from a powered subwoofer, will depend on the receiver for power. Each speaker will have a different amount of power capabilities. Likewise, every receiver will have a maximum amount of power that it can output. If these power ratings are not matched, your sound system will be too quiet or distorted.

If matching power requirements is too much of a hassle, you can count on us to help source compatible equipment. 


Aftermarket radios have advanced dramatically over the years. While some still maintain a CD slot, others have done away with it and offer DVD support instead.  

A DVD player for your car enables you to turn your front seat into a movie theater. Even if you don’t plan on watching a movie, audio DVDs can be superior to CDs. Since DVDs can hold more data, you can enjoy higher-quality audio tracks to utilize your sound system.

In-Car Infotainment System

Since the radio is responsible for many functions, it’s worth discussing more in-depth. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to find stereo receivers with a big touch screen. This is a far cry from the old LCD-equipped faceplate receivers many of us know. 

With this increase in screen size, there is an increase in capabilities. 

This transforms the ordinary radio into a full-fledged infotainment system. You can enjoy features such as built-in navigation or the ability to hook up your backup camera.  

Many of these receivers come with   Android Auto and  Apple CarPlay compatibilities to increase usability. These systems allow for greater integration with your smartphone. Using your phone, the receiver will change its user interface to one that looks more familiar. From there, you’ll be able to use some of your favorite navigation, streaming, and messaging apps. An enormous  appeal of these systems is their extensive voice commands. While you can use the touchscreen, almost every aspect of the system can be interacted with by just using your voice.  

You’ll have different screen size options depending on which form factor you choose. Receivers are offered in two form factors, single-DIN, and double-DIN. These form factors are equivalent in width, but a single-DIN will be two inches tall, while a double-DIN will be four inches.

Choosing a double-DIN radio will typically not allow you to have a screen larger than seven inches. These screens will embed in your dashboard, giving a cleaner look. A single-DIN radio will stick out of your dashboard, allowing it to reach sizes of 10 inches and beyond. Since the screen hovers over your dashboard, you must ensure that it does not cover any crucial buttons or vents.

Rear Entertainment System

Having great entertainment options shouldn’t be limited to just the front passengers. Installing a car TV for your rear passengers is a great way to elevate your interior, especially if you are going on road trips. 

You can install either two headrest monitors embedded in the front seat’s headrest or a ceiling-mounted monitor. Headrest monitors will enable each passenger to enjoy their media, but a ceiling-mounted TV will allow for a larger screen. 

Depending on the capabilities of your unit, you’ll be able to watch a movie off of a DVD or through a USB drive or SD card. If you have in-car wi-fi, some more advanced units will allow you to mirror your phone onto the screen and use streaming services such as Netflix. Additionally, many models come with HDMI ports, allowing you to connect video game consoles to the monitors. Sound can be delivered via headphones, or a built-in FM transmitter will enable you to play the sound through your vehicle’s speakers.

Install A New Car Entertainment System Today

There is a lot to think about when creating the best system. If you want to install a new car entertainment system in Boston, make ProCarSound&Security your destination. We have an experienced and dedicated team ready to help create the best car entertainment system for you. We not only offer flawless installation but can also advise the best components for you.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an installation, don’t hesitate to contact us and have one of our friendly team members assist you.

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