Local Car Wrapping

If you’ve been wanting to change your car’s color but don’t want to pay the exorbitant price to repaint your car, car wraps are a great alternative. Made of durable and flexible vinyl, you can wrap a vehicle in almost any color imaginable at a fraction of the cost. If you have grown tired of your wrap, no worries, you can have it peeled off to reveal your original paint or replace it with another color altogether.

There’s no need to commit to wrapping your whole car, either. You can choose a partial car wrap instead, picking the exact panels you want to be wrapped. This service provides even more flexibility to the creative process.

Car wraps not only allow you to customize your vehicle in colors not typically offered, but you can also opt for unique finishes like chrome or iridescent. A custom car wrap protects the factory paint underneath, allowing your car’s original paint to be in much better condition when you decide to sell.

Types Of Vinyl Wraps For Cars

The customization options of car vinyl wraps are nearly boundless. No longer limited to the handful of colors and simple finish provided by automakers, you can have a vehicle that stands out. Going beyond a simple color swap, you can outfit your car in more exotic wraps. Below, we have detailed the different types of vehicle wraps.

Glossy Car Wraps

Glossy car wraps are the most common type of vinyl for car wrapping. As the name implies, this vinyl will be reflective in sunlight. As such, it’s the choice for those wanting a finish closer to the look of classic paint. Some glossy car wraps will also include metallic flakes to reproduce an even better paint-like appearance. Due to its popularity, you can expect a wide range of colors in this finish.

Matte Car Wraps

For those looking for a sleek look, a matte car wrap is a way to go. The opposite of glossy wraps, matte car wraps won’t reflect any light, giving your car a flat look. If your vehicle has interesting body lines, a matte car wrap will allow you to show them off better.

While black is the most popular color in this finish due to its sleek and stealthy look, many flat car wrap colors are available. It’s important to note that this extra sleekness comes at the cost of higher maintenance. Matte material will show smudges and fingerprints easier than any other material. Thankfully, if the upkeep is too much, you can switch out the wrap, which is something you can’t say for a painted matte car.

Satin Car Wrap

Less common than glossy and matte car wraps, satin car wraps occupy the area between the two in terms of reflectiveness. A satin wrap is an excellent option if you are not a fan of the overly flat aesthetic of matte wraps but want something more unique than factory paint. 

With a satin car wrap, you can achieve a semi-matte look without the extra maintenance of a matte finish.

Brushed car wraps are attractive with the introduction of textures. These unique car wraps will display a brushed metallic look to your car. There are two main types of brushed car wraps. 

The first will have an elevated brushed texture that you can feel. The second will be a print of brushed material. While the second option is more affordable, it will not look as good upon closer inspection.

Brushed Car Wrap

Chrome Car Wrap

If you truly want your car to stand out, it’s hard to grab more attention than an exterior fitted with a chrome car wrap. At a fraction of the cost of chrome plating a vehicle, chrome car wraps are still as eye-catching. 

A chrome car wrap comes with its benefits. As a highly reflective material, your vehicle will absorb less heat, leading to cooler interior temperatures.

Holographic car wraps, also known as color-shifting or iridescent wraps, are a relatively new addition to the car wrapping world. The effect that these wraps have are stunning and will gather onlookers. 

Different colors will be seen depending on the angle you look at the car. As you move around, the colors will seamlessly shift to other hues, a sight to behold.

Holographic Car Wrap

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last?

It’s inevitable to ask how long a car wrap last. While many factors come into play, you can expect a lifespan between five and seven years for your car wrap. At ProCarSound&Security, we only use the best available vinyl for our car wraps, leading to a longer lifespan. 

However, many external factors will affect how long your car wrap lasts. Both extreme cold and heat can damage your wrap. Heat will make it malleable and more susceptible to damage, while cold can make it crack. Additionally, like your factory paint, a vinyl wrap will slowly deteriorate if constantly left out in the sun. After a few years, a car kept in the shade will have a longer-lasting and better-looking wrap than a car left out in the sun.

Hood wraps

You don’t necessarily have to wrap the entirety of your vehicle. You are free to cover as much or as little of the car as you want or even combine colors, textures, and stylings on individual panels.

The hood is a popular piece to wrap for a unique wrap placement. A matte black hood can be perfectly paired with aftermarket headlights or new window tints.

While you are free to wrap your hood in any previously mentioned car wraps, special attention is given to carbon fiber wraps. A favorite in the car community, carbon fiber is an excellent choice if you want your hood to stand out. Wraps made of carbon fiber are also typically more durable, making them a perfect choice for your hood which constantly takes oncoming debris while driving. 

Carbon Fiber Hood Wrap

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