Headlight Restoration

Local Headlight Restoration

Damaged headlights can be a visual burden and interfere with your headlight’s ability to illuminate the road. If your headlights have become less clear, it may be time for a headlight restoration.

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Reasons for a Headlight Restoration

There are a variety of reasons that may require you to move forward with headlight restoration. Regardless of the reason, ProCarSound&Security is here to guide you through any headlight restoration or replacement.

  • Sun Damage. While the sun outputs heat, it also outputs harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays can damage anything from plastics to skin. Like sunscreen used to protect your skin, headlight housings will have a layer of UV protection applied to them at the factory. This layer protects the polycarbonate below and helps maintain a clean headlight. The coating protects the polycarbonate layers below and helps keep a clean headlight.

    However, as you drive, this layer can be stripped away due to road debris or chemicals. As the coating is stripped away, more UV rays hit the polycarbonate, gradually weakening the housing and turning it yellow, interfering with light output.

  • Water Damage. If water has gotten into your housing, you may need headlight restoration. While headlights are watertight, sometimes the seals break down, and water is allowed to get inside, fogging up your headlight assembly with condensation.
  • Dirty Headlights. If dirt and grime are allowed to gather and sit on your headlights for an extended period, a simple headlight cleaner might not do the trick. The dirt may embed itself deeper into your assembly and require a more involved headlight restoration.

Permanent Restoration

While we are confident in our ability to restore headlights, a complete headlight assembly replacement may be required in extreme situations. Since UV rays turn your headlights yellow and weaken the polycarbonate, small cracks will begin to form. These cracks can let water into the housing and expedite discoloration. With severe enough cracks, a simple refinishing won’t be enough. 

How To Clean Headlights

Many want to prevent their headlights from needing restoration. The good news is that occasional washing and a rare polish of your headlights will go a long way to avoiding yellowing and deterioration. When polishing your headlights, make sure that the compound is soft. If you wipe down your headlights with anything gritty, you risk stripping the protective top coat, which will expedite your headlights’ deterioration. It would be best to clean  your headlights once every three months or whenever you notice dirt accumulates to prevent a required headlight restoration down the line.

If you want to be proactive, you should park your vehicle as little as possible in direct sunlight. If harmful UV rays can’t reach your headlights, it will significantly extend the life of your lights.

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Visit Your Local Headlight Cleaners

It may be tempting to try home remedies or buy an off-the-shelf headlight restorer. However, the headlight restoration process is involved and may require a professional’s touch. The process will typically require you to sand away the damaged layers. This can be a difficult task and cause more damage to your vehicle if done incorrectly. 

Once the headlight has been cleaned, a new UV protection coating must be applied. If your kit comes with this layer, it most likely will not be suitable as the industrial-grade UV protectors professionals use. 

Get Your Headlights Restored Today!

If you are looking for headlight restoration near you in the Boston area, ProCarSound&Security can help. Our team has much experience with headlight restorations.

If you have any questions or would like to have your headlights restored, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated team.