Upgrade To a Car Receiver with Bluetooth

While it may be easy to get carried away looking at the various features of a car receiver with Bluetooth, it’s also essential to take note of the technical specifications. Your car stereo receiver is the brain of your entire sound system. It must have the proper ports and power outputs to make your car’s audio system work well. 

We can help Boston drivers pick the best car receiver with Bluetooth. However, we have also outlined technical specs for picking out a car audio receiver.

Bluetooth Car Receivers Guide

Today many Bluetooth car receivers have become standardized. When comparing modern car receivers, you will notice that many have similar power outputs and ports. Still, there will be variation, especially when looking at high-end models. So it’s good to know what you are looking at when reading through the specs.


This may be self-explanatory just from a glance, but there are two different sizes that one can purchase car receivers in. The size will be denoted with a “DIN.” Receivers will come in either a single DIN or double DIN size. A single DIN will require a roughly 7” by 2” space, while a double DIN needs a 7” by 4” opening.

It’s important to note that even if you want a large infotainment screen, you aren’t limited to double DIN receivers. Many single DIN options have the screen come out from the receiver and hover over your center console. These car screens can reach 10-inches or more.

If you have any questions about fitment, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll be sure to help.

The most important spec is the power your car receiver with Bluetooth can output. If your receiver is not powerful enough, your  car speakers  will not be able to produce sound at an audible level.

When looking at  spec sheets , you will most likely be met with two different ratings. Both will give a wattage along with another number, such as 50Wx4. The receiver can output 50W and deliver power to four speakers. 

Almost all stereo receivers should be capable of outputting four front and rear speakers.

The specification that features the higher Watt is less critical as that describes the peak power a receiver can deliver. The other wattage is more important, which sometimes will have  RMS  (root mean square) written next to it. This number is essential as it lets you know if your receiver is compatible with your speakers. Ideally, you want the RMS of your receiver and speakers to match. If the RMS of the receiver is lower than the speaker, your audio levels will be low. Likewise, if your receiver is outputting much more power than your speakers can handle, your sound will be distorted and overly loud.

If you wish to take the extra step, you can also see if the measurements comply with standards such as the CEA-2006 to ensure fair comparisons.



The ports on the back of a Bluetooth car receiver dictate the audio system it can support and open the door for future upgrades. 

The most common and essential ports will be the line-outs for each channel. These will go directly to each speaker. As mentioned before, almost all receivers have four channels. 

Next are the pre-amp outputs. These will look like A/V cables and will connect to an external  car amplifier . The signal from these ports has passed through a pre-amp but has not been amplified by the receiver’s built-in amp. As such, any signal from these ports will need amplification. If you have a  subwoofer , your receiver must have at least one of these ports to install an amplifier. Many times, receivers will allow for multiple amps to be installed, giving greater freedom in your audio build.

In more advanced bluetooth car receivers with large screens, you will most likely have video inputs as well. This allows backup and side cameras to be displayed if you have them equipped.

Depending on your model, you may also have a line of various ports to enable many extra features. There can be separate ports for navigation modules, satellite radio, HD radio, or microphones for phone use. These ports will vary as some receivers have these features built-in, while others require a module plugged in.

Update Your Car Stereo Receiver Today

There can be a lot to think about when figuring out the best car Bluetooth receiver for your system on a technical level. ProCarSound&Security is a leader in the Boston area when it comes to car receiver installation. Let us help you pick out and install the best receiver for your system.