Remote Start

Remote Car Starter Installation

Remote starting is a feature that most new car manufacturers have quickly adopted. The benefits are numerous, adding convenience throughout the year. Thankfully, many aftermarket car remote starters allow you to experience the same benefits in any car.

What Is A Remote Car Starter?

A remote car starter allows you to start your car with a remote. An aftermarket remote starter typically comes in two parts, a control module, and a key. The control module will need to be installed in the car to interact with its features. Primarily, it will stimulate your ignition switch, allowing you to turn your vehicle on wirelessly. You can also have the system interact with your door locks and a/c. 

The wireless car key allows you to send commands to the control unit at a distance and initiate a remote start. These keys will vary greatly depending on the unit. They often resemble standard car remotes, while more advanced units can have built-in screens.

Remote Car Starter Features

There are a few considerations when installing a remote starter for your car.

  • Compatibility. Some cars will have their own technical quirks. They may require a specific type of module or be installed in a particular fashion. Consult with ProCarSoundSecurity to find which remote car starter is best for you.
  • Range. One of the most significant differences between remote car starters is their range. While some starters will only have a range of a few hundred feet, others boast up to a few miles. If you will primarily remote start your car while it’s in the driveway, there may be no need to get maximum range. However, if your workplace has a large parking lot, you may want to consider a remote starter with extra reach.
  • One Way or Two Way. A one-way remote will send the signal to your car’s radio, but it won’t have any way to know if the car received and responded to the command. This is where a two-way car remote starter is helpful, as the control module will be able to send signals back to your remote, informing you on whether or not the signal was received. With more advanced keys with displays, you’ll be able to visualize information about your car.

Benefits Of An Aftermarket Remote Starter

Installing a car remote starter can offer you and your car many benefits. The most recognized use is presetting your car’s A/C or heater. Whether the vehicle is in the frigid cold or sweltering heat, starting the car remotely will allow the climate control to bring your vehicle to a comfortable temperature. In the winter, this can be especially helpful to melt any ice on your windows or lights, allowing for a safer driving experience. 

Having your car warm up correctly can also help your engine’s longevity. When you start a car and start driving, your engine oil doesn’t get a chance to warm up. As such, it doesn’t provide optimum lubrication to your engine, leading to a slight increase in wear. However, if your car gets a chance to warm up, your oil will be at its optimal temperature from the moment you start driving. 

Lately, many car remote starters come with increased car security features. Some remote car starters can disengage the starter after the vehicle is stolen, denying the thief the ability to start the car again. If your starter offers smartphone integration, such as DroneMobile, you’ll also be able to track your vehicle via GPS.


DroneMobile represents an evolution in remote car starters. The system allows you to ditch your keys and use your smartphone instead. 

You can expect all the same functions you would get with a key, such as the ability to lock/unlock your doors, start your car remotely, and be notified of any alarms. Since DroneMobile can use your entire smartphone screen, it can also show you more information, such as vehicle status and maintenance reminders.

With the GPS tracking package, the DroneMobile control unit will allow you to connect to your phone anytime. The GPS functionality will allow you to find your car in the unfortunate event that it was stolen or lost in a large parking lot.

If you have a teenage driver, the DroneMobile system will allow you to keep track of their driving to ensure they’re safe. You can also set geofences within the app and be notified if the driver leaves their designated area.

DroneMobile offers integration with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for further convenience. You’ll be able to verbally command your car from the comfort of your home.

Get a New Remote Car Starter Installed Today

Remote starters are a worthwhile addition to any car, so if you are looking for a remote starter installation in the Boston area, take your vehicle to ProCarSound&Security. Our team can help you choose and install the perfect remote starter for your car.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an installation, please get in touch with our experienced team.