Car Electrical Repair

A car electrical system is a maze of wires going throughout the car, connecting all its systems neatly to form a fully functioning vehicle. But with age, normal wear and tear, and the many wires involved, it’s unsurprising if your car presents an electric issue.

Unfortunately, most modern cars don’t have a single system that is entirely mechanical. This means an electrical issue can impact almost any part of your vehicle. While some issues are more serious than others, there are perhaps few that are as annoying as issues with your power doors or power windows.

Car Power Window Repair

While you no longer have to “crank” your windows up and down, modern car windows are still not impervious to breaking down. The old and simple spinning handle has now been replaced with a button, a few wires, and an electric motor. Whether it feels like your window is struggling while going up and down or it simply isn’t moving at all, it’s time for one of our technicians to take a look.

Diagnosing the problem will require removing the door’s interior panel to get a better look inside. While it can often be an issue with the electric motor, sometimes it can be down to a simple plastic piece somewhere in the linkage that has deteriorated and needs replacing. Whatever the culprit is, you can count on our technicians to assess the situation and get your window working in no time.

Car Power Door Lock Repair

Few more stressful feelings exist than having a car that won’t stay locked. Power door locks work by having an actuator move a latch to and away from the door handle, allowing the vehicle to be locked and unlocked instantly. While this actuator is reliable, it can break, stopping you from having doors that lock.

While the actuator can stop working suddenly, it tends to show signs of breaking down prior. These signs can include loud noises coming from your doors anytime you lock or unlock the car. Another sign is a sluggish actuator. You will notice that locking and unlocking your door isn’t as instantaneous as it used to be. Also, be careful, while a door can be stuck in the open position, it can also be stuck in the locked position, disabling the door completely.

To diagnose the issue properly, our trained technicians will have to carefully check your doors and electrical systems for any of the following common reasons for a broken car power door lock.

  • Dead Key Fob. Sometimes the best answer is the simplest. Before even needing to check the condition of your door lock, the problem can sometimes be fixed with a new battery in your keyfob.
  • Blown Fuse. A fuse responsible for your door lock can eventually blow up due to age and wear.
  • Torn Wire. One of the many wires in the system may have deteriorated and can no longer carry the necessary signals or power.
  • Broken Actuator. It’s possible that the actuator itself has become excessively worn and needs to be replaced.

Your Local Car
Electrical Repair

Regardless of the need for a power door lock repair, power window repair, or some other car electrical repair, you can trust that the skilled technicians at ProCarSoundSecurity can get the job done efficiently.

If you have any issues with your car’s electrical system, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.