Install A TV For cars

Long road trips or unruly backseat passengers can be the bane of any Boston driver. One way to keep the backseat happy and not focused on long drives is with your favorite media. Installing a car TV can do wonders for your patience as your passengers will be preoccupied playing their favorite games or watching movies they love.

Car TV Screen Locations

You have several options regarding the installation location of your car TV. Depending on your needs, each site will have its benefits.


When anyone talks about installing car TV screens or a car DVD player, they most likely refer to headrest monitors. As the name implies, these monitors are installed into the back of each front passenger’s headrest. 

This is an excellent option for those that want to keep their car interiors clean and elegant. The monitors will often be flush with the back of the headrests, staying inconspicuous. This is also great if your two rear passengers can’t agree on what they want to watch or play. Since each headrest has its own monitor, passengers can make their own choices without compromise.

Another popular spot for car TVs is the car ceiling. Typically, the TV will be installed in the middle of the car, in line with the back of the front seats. While not as concealed as a car headrest TV, these ceiling-mounted car TVs can have their screens folded up when not used, leaving a smaller footprint.

Since these monitors are not constrained to the headrest size, the screen sizes offered in this form factor will be larger than what you can get with headrest TVs. However, rear passengers will be limited to a single entertainment option with one screen.



The dashboard is the least likely spot to install a car TV, but it can be worth it for those that don’t have many rear-seat passengers. These days there is a wide selection of DVD  radio receivers. For those who foresee many long stops, these in-dash TVs can help pass the time and turn your driver’s seat into an infotainment system. 

Car TV Features

When choosing the best car TV, you should figure out what features are most important to you. Before comparing features, it’s best to decide where you would like your car TV installed and move on from there.

We’ve highlighted some aspects of car TVs that you should be aware of.

This is the most important and broadest topic. While each monitor will be able to play videos, each can have different methods by which they display their video. Of course, the most common will be a built-in DVD player. This will allow you to play your favorite movies that you own a physical copy of. Remember that a built-in DVD player is not a given, and some models do not have one.

Aside from a DVD player, it is nice to find a car TV with video inputs, particularly HDMI. This will allow you to connect a video game console of your choice if that is the preferred entertainment option. Other ports to look out for are USB ports and SD card slots. The TV will be able to play any movies that you have saved digitally. 

More advanced models will have Bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities, allowing you to use streaming services like Netflix with the use of your phone.


Screen Size

Screen size will most likely be the first differentiating factor that you notice. This will vary greatly depending on whether you want a headrest monitor or a ceiling-mounted one. Since the actual headrest limits a headrest TV, the largest screen you can get is around 9-inches.

In contrast, if you choose a ceiling-mounted option, you can have a car tv that reaches around 15-inches.

Not every screen will have the same resolution. A large screen may not be the best option if it has a low resolution. For those that want their content to be displayed in high-definition, the minimum resolution you’ll want is 1280×800.



The audio delivery method may differ depending on whether you have a headrest or ceiling car TVs. If you choose a headrest TV, there will most likely be a headphone jack that can be easily plugged into. 

Since a ceiling-mounted TV is far away from the rear passengers, it’s impractical to plug your headphones into it. Most will work with wireless IR headphones. Additionally, if the front passengers don’t mind, you can use the car’s stereo system .

Local Car TV Installation

If you are looking to elevate your car’s interior with a car TV installation in Boston, let ProCarSound&Security help you out. We can help guide you towards the best car TV and perform an installation so good you’ll swear that it came like that from the factory.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an installation, don’t hesitate to contact us.