Add GPS Navigation For Your Car

Trying to navigate the streets of Boston can be an absolute nightmare. The convenience brought on by a car GPS makes many of us wonder how we were once able to get places with paper maps. Since it’s almost mandatory to have a GPS nowadays, many stereo receivers now include built-in navigation capabilities. 

If you have been thinking about adding GPS navigation capabilities to your car alongside a possible sound system upgrade , ProCarSound&Securiry can help point you in the right direction. 

Why Use A Car GPS

With how common smartphones are, it may wonder a lot of people why anyone would use dedicated GPS navigation for their car. While the navigation capabilities of phones have significantly increased over the past decade, there are still some reasons one might want to use a regular GPS navigation system.

  • Save Battery. It’s no secret that using your phone’s navigation puts a massive strain on its battery. When using navigation on your phone, it uses its GPS and cellular radio for better precision. This double duty eats away at battery life. Of course, you can have your phone plugged in, but sometimes cables get lost or damaged, or there is no easy way to route your phone’s power cord.
  • More Reliable. A GPS for your car can bring additional peace of mind. A dedicated GPS still works if your phone gets lost or damaged or you’re in an area with no service. Unless you have downloaded the map data on your phone, you will have trouble navigating without a signal. Every GPS is preloaded with map data and points of interest, allowing destinations to be found even in the middle of nowhere.
  • Bigger Screen. Depending on the size of the car receiver, your car’s GPS navigation system can have a screen of seven inches and beyond. Instead of being on a mount that potentially blocks the view of the road, it is neatly tucked into your dashboard.

Car GPS Navigation Features

Since GPS has been a long-proven technology, every GPS unit you look at should give similar results in terms of an accurate location. It’s hard to revolutionize and improve upon car navigation, but each GPS can have little features that might make them more attractive to you. Below we’ve highlighted some features you should be aware of when deciding.

Screen Size

The size of your receiver will dictate screen size. Navigation receivers can come in two heights, single-DIN (2-inches) and double-DIN (4-inches). If you choose a double-DIN GPS navigation system, your screen will be seven inches at maximum. 

On the flip side, if you choose a single-DIN car navigation system, you can have a screen that goes up to 10-inches and beyond. Due to the larger size, the screen sticks out and hovers over your dashboard instead.

A big part of creating a cohesive sound system is managing power requirements. Any speaker in your car, aside from a powered subwoofer, will depend on the receiver for power. Each speaker will have a different amount of power capabilities. Likewise, every receiver will have a maximum amount of power that it can output. If these power ratings are not matched, your sound system will either be too quiet or distorted.

If matching power requirements is too much of a hassle, you can count on us to help source compatible equipment.


Map Display

Not every manufacturer will display a map in the same way or in the same colors. Be sure to look at screenshots of the map interfaces to ensure they appeal to you. 

Additionally, check if your chosen car’s GPS navigation system has features like Junction View or  3D Buildings. A junction view is a beneficial view that will display a POV of the highway you’re on with an arrow pointing to the correct lane and exit you should be taking, complete with road signs. On the other hand, 3D buildings may be a novelty, but sometimes it’s easier to spot your destination based on the surrounding buildings.

Install GPS Navigation For Your Car

If you are interested in installing GPS navigation for your car in the Boston area, ProCarSound&Security is the place for you. Our experienced staff is proficient in installing all receivers and car audio equipment . We can also advise you on the best car GPS for your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an install, don’t hesitate to contact us.