Upgrade with Custom Taillights

Your taillights might not grab as much attention as your headlights, but their importance is unquestionable. Taillights not only alert drivers behind you that you’re braking, but they’re also a major aesthetic highlight. If you have already spent time customizing the many other facets of your car, such as your car’s audio system or window tints, why not complete the transformation with custom taillights?


LED taillights have become a trendy choice for those looking for an upgrade or replacement. LEDs have many advantages compared  to the halogen lights found in older car lights

One can think of the halogen bulbs in their brake lights as similar to ordinary household light bulbs. Within a vacuum-sealed container sits a thick filament surrounded by halogen gases. This filament has electricity passed through it, heating it to the point of glowing. This releases a lot of heat and puts the filament under constant wear as it will eventually break down due to the amount of electricity passing through it, despite the efforts of the halogen gases. 

LED lights for cars are an improvement on halogen bulb technology in almost every way. 

Instead of a filament that’s under constant stress, LED lights use a light-emitting semiconductor. Since these semiconductors are much smaller than traditional filaments and don’t require a gas-filled housing, the bulbs take up less space in the custom taillight assembly. Additionally, they produce much less heat, use less power, and can be seen clearer than conventional bulbs. Due to the lower power draw and heat output, car LED lighting boasts much longer lifespans .

The one downside of these lights is that they are typically more expensive than regular bulbs. However, when accounting for their longer lives and brighter output, the price is worth it.

Replace Taillight Assembly

The best way to get custom taillights is to replace the assembly itself. While changing the bulbs can affect how your taillights perform, an entirely new taillight assembly can change the look of your car. 

Unlike bulbs, these assemblies will have to be specific to your model. Otherwise, they will not fit. While you can find assemblies that mimic your car’s standard taillights, custom taillights are available. These will have the same housing design, with the lights assembled in unique patterns.

A popular taillight upgrade comes in the form of sequential turn signals. This feature is typically limited to premium models but can be added to any car with a custom taillight assembly.

To further customize your taillights, you may consider modifying their color. 

custom taillights

Smoked Taillights

As the name implies, smoked taillights come with a smoky gray finish. For darker vehicles, this can help extend your car’s sleek appearance, and for lighter cars, these taillights can provide an exciting contrast.

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