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Upgraded Car Lights

If you’re unhappy with the performance or looks of your car lights, consider an upgrade. Not surprisingly, there are many aftermarket lighting options available for your car. However, you might not want to spend time figuring out which lights are compatible with your vehicle and how to wire them. Instead, it would be best to trust ProCarSound&Security for all your car lighting needs.

Car Lighting Options

There is no shortage of lighting options for your car. Each car light location will have its quirks and exciting possibilities for customization. Below is a list of the primary lights for your car.

Your headlights act as your car’s eyes. Not only do they allow you to see in low-light conditions, but they also help with the aesthetics of your car’s front end. As such, these car lights are important both from a practical and design standpoint. 

A wide assortment of lighting technologies is offered for both headlights and taillights. You’ll find widely available halogen, LED, and HID options. These different bulb technologies will come at various price points and capabilities, with LED car lights being the current leader. 

Along with changing the bulbs, one can also change the headlight assembly. Whether your headlights are damaged, or you’re looking for a change, a  headlight replacement can open the door to unique lighting designs and shapes. Aftermarket headlight assemblies can come with different light shapes that will allow you to stand out.

Taillights might not get the same attention as headlights, but they are just as important. Alerting drivers behind you of your intentions, such as turning or reversing, is critical in preventing accidents but can also make your car stand out from the rest. 

As with headlights, conventional bulbs and LED lights are available if you need a replacement. The entire assembly can also be replaced at ProCarSoundSecurity if the need arises. Similar to headlights, custom taillights are also available with unique lighting patterns and color schemes. Some of the most popular taillight finishes include smoked and clear.

Door lights can be an exciting location to add a personal touch to your car. While the purpose of a car door light is to illuminate the ground underneath for easier entry, these car lights can be personalized uniquely.

A few locations in your car’s interior can benefit from updated lighting. An upgraded dome light can better illuminate your car’s interior upon entry, while a new trunk light can make finding objects easier at night. 

More excitingly is the option for ambient car interior lights. Typically, this type of lighting for cars will come in the form of LED light strips, allowing endless customization. Usually, these will be placed in the footwells to give your interior a pleasant glow. Thanks to the types of bulbs used, you’ll be able to display almost any color you can think of.

The Different Types Of Lighting For Cars

While LED lights have become the most dominant lighting for car exteriors and interiors, other options exist.

LED  (light-emitting diode) lights have become the dominant lighting in more than just the car world. These lights have many benefits when compared to older technologies. 

LED lights work through the principle of electroluminescence. Whenever power is applied to the semiconducting diode, charged electrons move across a junction in the diode. As they jump across the diode, they release photons, and we get light. 

This process releases much less heat than previous technologies and uses much less power. This allows LED lights to have unrivaled longevity that outweighs their increased costs. Their smaller size and low heat output allow manufacturers to arrange them tightly into varying designs, creating interesting headlight or taillight layouts. Despite the smaller size and lower power needs, these lights can still get very bright for excellent nighttime visibility. 

Another factor in their popularity is their ability to emit a wide range of colors. If you use LED lights for car accent lighting or fog lights, you’ll be able to choose from an endless assortment of colors.



Halogen car lights more closely mirror the conventional household light bulb. These bulbs feature a thick filament vacuum sealed within a glass container containing halogen gases. Energy is passed through the filament, causing it to heat up and glow—the gases surrounding it help prevent excessive filament damage. Still, the filament is constantly reaching high temperatures and will inevitably wear out.

These lights’ most outstanding benefit is their low price. They are built on dependable and decades-old technology. However, some might find the yellow hue they produce undesirable. Due to the filament being under constant heat stress, these bulbs will not last as long as other light technologies.

Xenon lights, also known as HID (high-intensity discharge), are typically limited to headlight applications. As the name implies, these lights produce a brilliantly bright light illuminating any road with no issues.

Instead of a filament or diode, HID lights use two electrodes encased in xenon gas and other metallic particles. When energy passes through the two electrodes, it heats the gaseous mixture and causes it to release a bright light. Instead of the yellow hue that halogen lights produce, these will have a white or blue tint. As there is no filament to burn out, these lights will last a fair bit longer than halogen lights.


Replace Your Car Lights Today

Skip the headlight restoration and replace your lights entirely. If you want to replace your car lights in Boston, you can trust ProCarSound&Security to get the job done right. It doesn’t matter if you need interior or exterior car lights. Our professional team can handle it all. To further enhance your vehicle, we also offer headlight and taillight tinting.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a car light replacement, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team.

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