Car Security System

Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. With 700,000 to 800,000 cars stolen each year in the United States, lowering the likelihood of theft can add ease of mind. Thankfully, a car security system can keep your daily driver safe. 

At ProCarSound&Security, we can help you make your car as secure as possible.

Remote Start

A car remote starter can add convenience to anyone’s day. Many are already familiar with the basic features, such as allowing you to remotely start your vehicle and adjust the interior temperature while away, but a remote start can also be an excellent addition to your car security system. A remote starter will keep doors locked and prevent the car from moving unless the key is present.

More advanced remote starters can level up car security. Systems with two-way communication can send your phone an alert whenever it detects a break-in. Additionally, some of the more advanced systems provide a  kill switch functionality. If your car is stolen, you can prevent the vehicle from starting back up. These systems will typically be paired with GPS capability, allowing you to track down the stolen vehicle.

With heaps of security features, DoneMobile is one of the most advanced remote starters on the market. The car security system integrates with your smartphone, allowing you to monitor and control your vehicle while away.

Within the app, you’ll be able to check the status of your car’s status and location and lock the doors. If the system detects a possible break-in, it’ll notify your phone. If your vehicle is stolen or you’d like to monitor someone’s driving activity, the design features built-in GPS tracking as an option.


Car Alarms

If you’re unhappy with your factory car alarm or don’t have a functioning car alarm, there are aftermarket options. A new car alarm can upgrade many facets of your car’s security system. Many car alarm systems come standard with key fob replacements compatible with keyless entry and remote start. 

A new car alarm can be louder, ensuring that any would-be thieves are surprised. Additionally, more sophisticated sensors can be installed to detect anyone touching the car better.

A car security system can enjoy many benefits with the addition of a  dashcam. In short, the dashcam will allow you to record your surroundings as you drive. This will enable you to record potential accidents or incidents on the road. With an upgraded car infotainment system, one can view the footage from within the car. 

Modern systems can run multiple cameras at once. Many drivers have started routing a dashcam to the rear window, allowing for footage of rear ends. Additionally, some dashcams provide a camera facing into the cabin. In essence, this can act as an in-car security camera. If you are a ride-share driver, this type of camera can allow you to have video proof of misconduct.


Security Cameras

Typically, a dashcam will rely solely on your car’s power. When you turn your vehicle off, your dashcam will also turn off. 

Dashcams with parking mode will function as a security camera for your car. With their own power source, they will stay on even when your vehicle is off. Using the system’s various sensors, it will save the clip if the camera notices a disturbance in or around the car. If your car gets bumped into while parked, you’ll be able to retrieve a clip of what happened while away. Also, premium car security cameras offer night vision capabilities, allowing them to perform their jobs through the night. 

With internet connectivity, you can view saved videos from the cloud. You’ll have video evidence even if your car gets stolen or your SD card goes missing. 

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