What Is The Speaker Size Of My Car?

What Is The Speaker Size Of My Car?

There are many numbers that you need to juggle around when planning out your next car stereo installation. One of the bigger things you’ll need to figure out is what size of speaker are in my car. Speakers come in many shapes in sizes, so it’s important that you pick out the correct speaker size for your car.

What Are The Different Speaker Sizes For My Car?

When browsing different car speakers, you will notice that they are advertised as a specific size, such as 2×4” or 6-½”. It’s important to note that these numbers should not be treated as exact sizing of their respective speakers and more so as an approximation or category of a speaker. A speaker labeled as 6-½” may not actually be 6.5 inches across, but it’ll be pretty close.

Below are some of the most common car speaker sizes.

  • 3.5-inch Car Speakers. These are some of the smallest car speaker sizes around. They are great to place in tight spaces. They are good at producing high and mid-frequencies but have a poor bass response. 
  • 4-inch Car Speakers. Slightly larger than the 3.5-inch speakers, they are compact but provide slightly more bass.
  • 5.25-inch Car Speaker. This size car speaker is typically found within the rear and front doors. These speakers provide a great all-around sound.
  • 6-inch Car Speaker. For larger vehicles, 6-inch car speakers will be placed in the doors for even more powerful sound.
  • 6×9-inch Car Speaker. These speakers are some of the largest and most powerful available. These speakers take on an oval shape rather than a circle and are typically installed at the rear of a vehicle.

How To Measure The Speaker Size Of My Car

Finding the exact size of your car speaker requires a little disassembly. Typically the most easily accessible speakers are located within the car doors. While you can get a rough approximation by measuring the speaker’s diameter while it’s still installed, you may miss out on measuring the mounting tabs, which may be hidden and add additional width. 

After removing the speaker and taking the diameter, you’ll also need to measure the speaker’s depth. If your upgraded speakers are too deep, they’ll either not mount properly or emit static whenever the bottom of the speaker makes contact with your door or enclosure. 

Alternatively, your owner’s manual may also list the sizes of all the speakers in your car.

If this sounds like too much work, we don’t blame you. You instead have our talented team at ProCarSoundSecurity figure out the best speaker size for your car.

Are Larger Car Speakers Better?

Bigger speakers are not necessarily better. A speaker’s size can approximately tell you what types of sounds they are best at reproducing. Smaller speakers tend to be better at producing high-frequencies, while larger speakers excel at providing deep bass. Since music is made up of high, mid, and low frequencies, it would be detrimental to the listening experience if every speaker in the car was the largest it could be, as you would hear nothing but bass with all other frequencies being muddy. 

That being said if you are looking to just increase the size of your car’s subwoofers, an increase in size will typically result in a more powerful bass.

Install The Best Speaker Size For My Car

So, if you are looking to install new speakers in your car, look no further than ProCarSoundSecurity for your installation needs. Our knowledgeable team will provide a seamless installation and work with you to find the best speakers for you.

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