Cracking a window open can add fresh air to any drive. However, with weather fluctuating with inconsistencies, planning a drive can become troublesome. With an installed Rainguard, you’ll be able to open your car’s windows regardless of external conditions.


Benefits Of Rainguard

While the concept may seem simple, it adds many benefits to your car.

  • Keep Rain Out. A Rainguard will allow you to crack open your windows while it’s raining. You won’t have to worry about flooding your interior as the guard will prevent water from entering the cabin.
  • Cut Down On Wind Noise. Due to its aerodynamic design, this device is excellent at stopping turbulent air from entering the cabin, leading to a much more pleasing driving experience with less noise disturbance.
  • Better Fuel Economy. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, a Rainguard helps your vehicle’s aerodynamics. When you open your windows, you increase the drag of your car as air enters the cabin. The sleek shape of the device helps counteract this phenomenon and lowers the fuel efficiency penalty. 
  • Air Out Your Interior. Since this will cover the top of your window, you can safely leave your windows cracked open while parked.
  • Control Sun Glare. With a tinted Rainguard, you can block out some of the sun’s rays. The added protection saves you the trouble of adjusting your sun visor to cover your peripheral vision.
  • Sleek Look. The addition of a Rainguard can help give your car’s windows an exciting and elegant appearance, especially when paired with window tints.

Install RainGuard Today

If you want to install Rainguards in the Boston area, let ProCarSound&Securtiy do the work for you. We’ll find compatible devices for your car and install them flawlessly. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an installation, please don’t hesitate to contact our excellent team.