Best Alpine Car Stereos

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Best Alpine Car Stereos

What brand should you choose for your next car stereo installation? There are many great options to choose from, and Alpine car stereos might be the best for you, despite being a brand that isn’t as widely talked about.

Beginning as a joint venture between Alps Electronic and Motorolla in 1967, Alpine would become wholly owned by Alps in 1978. Alpine contributed to the car audio industry in various ways, such as by helping create the first automotive navigation system, in-car equalizer, and in-dash 3-CD changer. 

Over its decades of existence, Alpine has garnered the attention of carmakers such as BMW, Mercedes, and Dodge, becoming their car stereo provider. If Alpine car stereos are good enough for multi-billion-dollar automakers, you can be confident they’ll have the quality you need.

Single-DIN Alpine Car Stereo

When you see a “single-DIN” Alpine car stereo, it lets you know what size the radio conforms to. A single-DIN unit will be limited to two inches in height. This form factor will typically be found in vehicles that did not come equipped with their own infotainment systems. While the space restriction doesn’t allow for large embedded touchscreens, some models get around this by having a screen that comes out of the two-inch high enclosure and opens up a screen that competes in size with screens found in double-DIN units.

Alpine CDE-175BT

The Alpine CDE-175BT has plenty of features despite its smaller size. Designed with plenty of tactile buttons arranged ergonomically, the CDE-175BT is easy to control even when you have to keep your eyes on the road. The radio is capable of pairing two phones simultaneously, meaning that both you and your passenger can control music, take calls, and make texts without needing to fight over who is connected.

If physical media is more your thing, the 175BT can play music off CDs and USB drives thanks to its full size and easy-to-access USB port. A 3.5mm auxiliary input is also located nearby if that’s more your speed. Simply listening to the radio is also an option, and the unit is compatible with satellite music tuners.

For those that want some extra oomph in their music, Alpine has you covered. With a simple press of the Bass Engine SQ, Alpine gives you increased control of the lower-end frequency, giving you fantastic bass and depth to your favorite songs. The included pre-amp outputs further leverage the brand’s amazing audio engineering prowess to provide a great signal to any amps you have or may add in the future.

Double-DIN Alpine Car Stereo

Double-DIN Alpine car stereos enjoy additional height compared to single-DIN units. As the name implies, double-DIN radios have four inches of height. This extra height allows large screens to be embedded into the dashboard, giving a cleaner look than the pop-out screens used in single-DIN units. With these touchscreens, the capabilities of these radios grow significantly. It’s important to note that even if your car only has a single-DIN opening originally, it may still be able to fit a double-DIN unit.

Alpine INE-W970HD

The INE-W970HD comes packed with every feature that you could ever ask for. It features a crisp 6.5-inch touchscreen but still retains a variety of buttons so that it can be controlled without having to take your eyes off the road.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with this unit, allowing you to use the familiar interface and your favorite apps. For those pesky Android apps that aren’t compatible with Android Auto, this Alpine stereo can mirror your phone screen by using the built-in HDMI port. While navigation is a popular use of smartphone pairing, this unit comes with its own GPS radio. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where your phone is spotty or inoperable, the INE-W970HD can navigate with its native GPS.

While many car stereos in this category forgo the CD player, Alpine keeps the player for all physical media lovers. Two USB ports are also available to plug in your phone or USB drive to load media. Additionally, the unit offers HD Radio capabilities and compatibility with satellite radio. A game console or Blu-ray player can also be plugged in through the aforementioned HDMI input for gaming and movie-watching during your downtime.

Install Alpine Car Stereos 

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