Best JVC Car Stereos

Best JVC Car Stereos

Boston drivers have a great variety of brands to choose from for their next car stereo installation . One such option are JVC car stereos.

JVC , also known as the Victor Company of Japan, is a Japanese multinational electronics company founded in Yokohama in 1927. Originally known as the Japan Victor Company, JVC produced phonographs and records. In the 1950s, JVC would expand to other electronics. In 1953, JVC developed Japan’s first television, and in 1959 they released the world’s first portable radio with a transistor.

Over the following decades, JVC would continue to innovate and expand its product line and would become a mainstay in the professional audio and video markets by the 1980s

By the 1990s, JVC would begin bringing its expertise into the automotive world by producing stereo and navigation systems for cars. In 2008, JVC merged with Kenwood to form JVC Kenwood. While acting as one parent company, each brand continues to operate under their respective names and produce audio equipment with their own spin. 

Today, JVC car stereos are among the most respected and capable car audio systems on the market.

Single-DIN JVC Car Stereo

If you come across a “single-DIN” JVC car stereo, it indicates the size of the radio it conforms to. The height of a single-DIN unit is restricted to two inches, and it is commonly found in vehicles that lack their own infotainment systems. Due to the limited space, these units cannot accommodate large embedded touchscreens. Still, some models overcome this limitation by featuring a screen that emerges from the two-inch high enclosure and expands to a size that rivals those found in double-DIN units.


The JVC KD-T720BT is an attractive and capable single-DIN car stereo. It features an attractive light blue accent and allows the lights within the radio to respond to the beat of the music, adding some liveliness to your interior.

The T720BT comes with Bluetooth support to allow you to stream all your favorite songs from your phone. Amazon Alexa is compatible with the unit, meaning its capabilities can expand past just simple music playing and into providing information such as weather and traffic or allow you to control smart devices within your home. 

Along with Bluetooth, the unit also offers to play music through the radio, CDs, an aux input, and USB.

The JVC KD-T720BT is packed with plenty of post-processing features to help your music sound better. A 13-band equalizer allows you to tune your music to your desired tone. This example also comes with “Sound Lift.” Since car speakers are typically located low in the interior, JVC’s Sound Lift alters the sound to “raise” the speakers virtually and give a better soundstage.

Double-DIN JVC Car Stereo

JVC car stereos that are double-DIN have a higher profile than single-DIN units. The name “double-DIN” refers to the four inches of height available in these radios. This additional space makes integrating large screens into the dashboard possible, creating a more streamlined appearance than the pop-out screens found in single-DIN units. The inclusion of these touchscreens significantly expands the capabilities of these radios. It should be noted that even if your car was originally designed with a single-DIN opening, it might still be compatible with a double-DIN unit.


 The JVC KW-M560BT is a highly capable touchscreen car stereo with a bright 6.75-inch display. Along with the touchscreen, the unit houses additional buttons on the driver’s side for quick access to specific screens. Intuitive gesture controls, such as drawing a circle with your finger on the screen in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion to adjust the volume up or down, are also available.

Connectivity includes Bluetooth as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With these phone integrations, you can use your favorite navigation, music, and messaging apps on the big screen. A screen mirroring feature is also available for Android users, allowing the M560-BT to display exactly what’s on your phone and using apps that aren’t compatible with Android Auto.

The unit is also satellite radio ready and comes with a 13-band equalizer to give you perfect control of what’s playing through your speakers. Further sound optimizations include a Time Alignment feature. This feature will delay sound from each speaker, taking into account the different distances of each speaker from the driver so that sound from each speaker reaches you at the same exact time.

Also, as expected of any stereo featuring a screen, this unit is compatible with a backup camera.

Install JVC Car Stereos

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