Best Kenwood Car Stereos

Best Kenwood Car Stereos

When looking for options for your next car stereo installation, it may be overwhelming to see the number of choices available. While there are many great options, it may be beneficial for Boston drivers to be pointed in the right direction to focus their search better, particularly with Kenwood car stereos. 

One of the leading manufacturers in the space is the Kenwood Corporation. The Japanese consumer electronic company has been in the radio and car stereo space for decades and has built a reputation for producing outstanding stereos. First established in 1946, the brand would first enter the American market in the early 60s. Kenwood car stereos come with plenty of features and top-of-the-line components. While the brand merged with competitor JVC in 2011, both brand names are still alive and well, with the Kenwood name still going strong.

Still, there are plenty of Kenwood car stereos to choose from, so here are some of our favorites.

Single-Din Kenwood Car Stereo – Kenwood KDC-X704

The KDC-X704 is one of the single-din Kenwood car stereos which makes it easy to fit into any car stereo opening, particularly if you have a car that is on the older side and wasn’t fit with an infotainment system straight from the factory. 

Despite its smaller size, the KDC-X704 is full of features and is a versatile media player. In addition to its CD player, this radio comes with Bluetooth connectivity and offers Pandora controls. A built-in HD Radio tuner will ensure all your favorite radio stations come through crisp and clear. It’s also compatible with satellite radio. If CDs, Bluetooth streaming, and the radio aren’t your thing, the KDC-X704 also allows you to plug in a USB stick and play your favorite music files that way. 

With a 13-band equalizer, you can fine-tune your songs to the sound you want. Another novel feature of this single-din Kenwood car radio is its Amazon Alexa compatibility. With simple voice controls, you can change songs, check the weather, and even control any compatible smart home objects you might have. 

Double-Din Kenwood Car Stereo – Kenwood DMX907S

For those looking for double-din Kenwood car stereos, the DMX907S is one of your best choices. With a bright 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen, this car radio makes efficient use of the space given to it by the double-din specification. 

While the unit features an intuitive user interface, both wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available to use an interface you are familiar with. This compatibility allows for an even more seamless experience with some of your favorite music streaming apps or navigation services. This unit, however, takes it a step further. If your favorite app is incompatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, a smartphone mirroring feature is also available, which allows you to connect your phone via USB (or wi-fi for Android phones) and have your screen fully mirrored onto the screen.

The unit also comes with Bluetooth, USB playback, HD Radio, and Satellite radio compatibilities. A 5-volt preamp adds further flexibility to your car audio setup, by delivering a clear signal that will make your amplifier’s job much easier. The unit is also capable of connecting four cameras for the ultimate backup camera setup.

There are, of course, many other great Kenwood car stereos, but these two are some of our favorites.

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