Best Sony Car Stereos

Best Sony Car Stereos

Looking for the next unit for your upcoming car stereo installation ? With so many brands to choose from, Sony car stereos are among the best of the best for any Boston driver looking to upgrade their car’s sound system.

Sony is a brand that needs no introduction. The Japanese conglomerate has itself involved in almost every electronic appliance and product that you can think of. Starting as a small electronics shop in 1946, the company eventually released its first Sony-branded product in 1955 with the TR-55 transistor radio. While Sony expanded its outreach to various electronics, the company’s roots always led them toward audio. After all, its name derives from the Latin word “sonus,” the root word of “sound.”

Naturally, the company would bring its audio expertise into the automotive world with various Sony car receivers and other car audio accessories to choose from, all delivered with great attention to detail and the latest technologies.

Single-DIN Sony Car Stereo

A single-DIN form factor encompasses all car radios that are two inches tall. This form factor is most commonly found in vehicles that don’t have an infotainment system of their own. While radios strictly adhere to the opening size, there are some options that include a pop-out screen that enables a large touchscreen while still confined to a single-DIN footprint.

Sony MEX-N5300BT

The MEX-N5300BT is one of the best Sony car stereos that the brand has in the single-DIN form factor. A  sleek unit, it features plenty of tactile buttons that light up to almost any color of your choosing. The display features its own color options, allowing you to mix and match color combinations to reflect your mood or interior aesthetics. 

Connectivity-wise, the radio features Bluetooth and allows two phones to pair simultaneously. This allows you and your passenger to make calls or control music seamlessly through your phones without disconnecting each other. With a spot for NFC, you can just tap your compatible phone to the radio and connect instantly; no need to fuss around with menus. The unit still works with CDs and has a full-size USB port to play music off a flash storage device. It is ready for a satellite radio hookup and also features a powerful 10-band EQ feature to give you complete control of your listening experience.

Double-DIN Sony Car Stereo

As the name implies, a double-DIN unit allows for double the height of a single-DIN unit, meaning a clearance of four inches. This allows for even more features for your Sony car stereo, allowing for generously sized touchscreens to display information beyond basic song information. Even if your original radio is a single-DIN opening, it may still be possible to install a double-DIN stereo in its place. 

Sony XAV-AX5500

The AX5500 manages to pack just about every feature you could ever ask for in a car radio. It features a vivid 6.95-inch touchscreen display that also has a set of buttons running along the bottom bezel. 

This unit is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to give you a more familiar interface featuring your favorite streaming and navigation apps. Even if you have apps that aren’t supported by Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Sony’s WebLink allows you to connect your phone through USB and display these incompatible apps. So while apps like Youtube aren’t supported, through WebLink, you can have videos played through the unit’s display, perfect for watching videos while the car sits parked. 

Along with playing music through Bluetooth or a USB drive, the unit is also compatible with a satellite radio tuner. Alongside the 10-band equalizer, the AX5500 also features a Dynamic Stage Organizer, which can let you create “virtual speakers” throughout your car to give a better soundstage to your songs. 

Install Sony Car Stereos Today

If you are looking to install a new radio in your car, look no further than ProCarSoundSecurity for your installation needs. Our knowledgeable team will provide a seamless installation and work with you to find the radio that is best for you.

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